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What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Are you preparing yourself for the future? Or, are you sitting back worrying about how life should be? Once before I was in your same position that you are in now….but instead of dwelling on what life could be like, and thinking about all the what if’s……I decided to take my leap of faith and build something solid for my future and my family’s future, and you too can do the same. Being an entrepreneur has changed my life completely. No longer do I have to get up early and drag my children to daycare, or sit in rush hour traffic commuting all over town. I simply live my life and expect great things to be done in my life. I enjoy spending time with my children when I want too….I get to go on all the field trips, recitals, holiday concerts, volunteer at their school..etc What I am trying to say, is that you too can have this same lifestyle, you can be your own BOSS! Set your own days and hours when you want to work.
Your life can only get better by change. Start the New Year off right by starting your own home based business today! Request a phone interview by calling 317-721-9250 or receive full details via email http://www.APCareers.infoImage


Checkout my new eBook collection!

Checkout my new eBook  collection on Mommy’s World Here you will find books that motivates and inspires me in my every day life. 

Welcome to Delane’s Blog!

Hello, my name is Delane Bracken and I would like to welcome you to my blog page. I hope that you find this site very intriguing, and  useful for your everyday living.  I’m a entrepreneur who is showing other moms and dads the way to a better lifestyle. I am dedicated and committed to helping others become successful and live the lifestyle that you deserve. I am excited to have many friends in the ‘blog world’. Some I have met in person and some I haven’t.  If you are a blogger looking for more information about me, please visit the About Me page. If you have questions about this blog, my work, or issues you are looking for specific information about, feel free to email me and let me know!