Bio: I am a grateful ‘Work at Home Mom’ of four beautiful children! I have built a successful business at home, and have found true financial Freedom at Home!! Like many other Americans, my husband (Jai) and I, found it necessary to have two incomes to get by. My daily routine was spent; getting the children off to daycare in the morning, spending six-eight hours-a-day in an unfulfilled job, fighting the commute traffic home, cooking dinner, bathing my children, putting them to bed, then preparing to do it all over again the next day. I knew there had to be a better way, one that would allow me to enjoy raising my four children and also offer the financial security necessary for my family. AmeriPlan® provided both. After graduating in Aug., 2008 with my Masters Degree in Business Administration, I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to find a job in my career field. I would go on tons of interviews, most were dead ends, but I didn't ever give up my dreams of getting that right job. While working in Corporate America, I still wasn't satisfied. I wanted more and I knew that I could get more, I just had to keep seeking. I knew that if I kept seeking, I would definitely find what I wanted for me and my family, which was financial freedom, more time with my family, more time with my children’s activities, etc. After searching for 3 long years, AmeriPlan® found me! As a work at home mom, I am one of more than 70,000 Independent Business Owners (IBO) who have joined AmeriPlan®, all working toward building financial freedom from home. I am also a member of the Freedom At Home Team™, the largest and fastest growing team in AmeriPlan®. “I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom and being the nurturing figure in our children's life was very important to me. I found myself searching for something that I could do from home... this is when I found AmeriPlan. AmeriPlan and the Freedom At Home Team™ offers a simple system to follow that she could work around our family’s schedule.” I help people save money on their healthcare expenses and assist others make money by offering our great benefits. I now have fun working part time from home – and having more time to spend with my husband and our children. I no longer spend hours in rush-hour traffic, and I earn more money then I ever did in corporate America working 9 to 5. I have truly found freedom at home. I am the latest Freedom At Home Team™ (FAHT) member to reach the level of Regional Sales Director. I am already working on the next management level and helping other team members achieve their dreams of ‘firing their boss’. To learn more about AmeriPlan®, the Freedom At Home Team™ or to find out how you can find your freedom at home, contact: Delane Bracken at (317) 721-9250 or visit our website: http://www.APCareers.info

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