Living with Freedom

Are you living in Freedom?  About three years ago, I was in the same exact position you are in now. I was contemplating what to do, how to do it without getting so stressed out with everyday life.  As a mother of four beautiful children, ages 13, 10, 8 & 7, I am proud to say that I can finally be a MOM now – A REAL MOM! I can participate in my children’s activities, go to all of their extra-curriculum events, recitals, field trips, etc. While being employed with a Fortune 500 company, I was finished with following the ABCD rule, (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) at my work place, and getting nothing in return. I kind of felt like I was being used and abused some days. I would come home and all I wanted to do was shower, eat, and go to sleep. Now my LIFE has changed for the BETTER!!!!!!  With a legitimate company and GREAT support, I knew in my heart, if they can do it, I CAN TOO!!! I am so BLESSED to say that I can finally build something great for our family, and you can too.

Freedom is living, and doing the things that you want to do, when you want to do them.

Are you living with freedom? Learn more at

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